With group coaching, a safe, supportive and confidential environment is created which allows you to:

  • Access the collective wisdom of the group to add even more value to your experience.

  • Increase the probability of achieving your results by tapping into the collective group energy and by committing to the group.

  • Share intimacy and 'aha' moments to make your journey even more joyful and impactful.

  • Create a community of peers that extends even beyond the coaching sessions.

Group coaching is performed online using video conferencing.  It provides a virtual group meeting where we can really get to know and understand one another. 

However, before you decide to sign up, I have to warn you that this program is not for the faint-hearted. You will be given assignments, you will be held accountable for your commitments, and you will be asked to contribute at a high level to your own success and to the success of each member of your group. Are you up to the challenge?

Join a group and enjoy a safe, confidential environment where many voices share your journey. $795.00/month for 4 weekly, 60-minute group sessions.  Includes a workbook, and email communication. Requires 90-day commitment.

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